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Aspects of Good Coaching:

Here are some suggestions. Some are common sense but others have to be worked on a little.

  • Be firm but fair when it comes to discipline.
  • Demand promptness in yourself and your players.
  • Be positive when giving instruction or offering constructive advice.
  • Make the evaluation and opinion of your players yours, not a combination of other coaches, parents and outsiders. You have the first-hand knowledge of them so don't let popular opinion sway your thinking.
  • Learn to delegate responsibility to your assistants.
  • Communicate with your assistants.
  • Demand that your players hustle at all times.
  • Do not allow profanity.
  • Do not allow the throwing of equipment.
  • Your coaches going to the coaching boxes should run, not walk. Set a good example.
  • All coaches should be in the game on every pitch. Be alert for all mistakes made on defense; i.e. positioning and mental errors. When a coach comes to realize that baseball is played one pitch at a time, an entire new world opens up for him and he becomes much more effective.
  • Use your voice during games. It is an asset and your players are used to hearing it. Don't become mute when the game begins.
  • Teach.
  • Win-Loss record. The success of your players' development is not dependent on your wins and losses.

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